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A Place Of Your Own

Every person needs a place to live. Every business needs a place to work. These are facts of life. Searching for the right place can be a challenge.

My name is Lucy Kirschinger, and for nearly 20 years, I have been a real estate attorney for people all over Cook County. I work with people seeking commercial and residential real estate. My experience in Illinois real estate law and commitment to hands-on service are reasons my clients turn to me.

Buying and Selling Property In Chicago

When you choose to purchase property in Chicago, you must know that there will be many legal complications. From business properties to homes, you have many concerns, but I can help you through any real estate law issue, including:

  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Short sales
  • Complex business transactions
  • For Sale By Owner properties

If your sale or purchase affects a will or a trust in some way, I can also work with you to amend your estate planning documents.

I have a deep knowledge of Chicago’s real estate markets and can provide you with insight into your property search. I work directly with my clients to build relationships and achieve their goals. I also provide guidance to clients at any stage of the foreclosure process.

Answering Municipal Violations

When you own property in the City of Chicago, eventually, you may face a citation for some property violation. From business owners without proper signage to homeowners with overgrown weeds, I can provide the representation you need to protect yourself.

I often represent my clients in Chicago Buildings Hearings, but I can also aid in keeping your property compliant with local law to avoid fines. I’ll work hard for you to minimize the municipal burden on your property.

Attentive, Thorough Real Estate Service From Attorney Consumer Counseling, P.C.

My office is here to walk people through their real estate problems. I know how to resolve issues, build deals and pursue your goals in your real estate matters. Contact me to find out how I can help you at Main Company number: 312-724-7366, Dedicated Fax number: 312-724-7657, Direct number: 312-724-8071, Cell Phone: 773-732-6433 or by sending an email.