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Foreclosures Are Scary, But I Can Help

Foreclosure is a stressful thing to experience. There is so much at stake financially and personally that you may not know how to move forward. However, no matter what point in the foreclosure process, I can help you.

My name is Lucy Kirschinger, and at my Chicago-based firm, , I help people through many sensitive real estate issues. Each foreclosure is different from the next because each person and property is different. You can come to me at any point in the process, and I can offer you guidance, compassion and a plan to move forward.

How To Stop A Foreclosure

When clients facing foreclosure come to me, I listen to their problems and analyze the law with them. Then I get to work. There is often some opportunity to make a difference in a foreclosure action and outright stop them. These options include:

  • Renegotiating the terms of your mortgage
  • Setting up a forbearance agreement
  • Signing the property deed over to the lender instead of foreclosure
  • Pursuing a consent foreclosure
  • Initiating a short sale

However, the opportunity to take such action can be difficult. My goal is to help you find the way forward that works best for you, no matter what that is.

Attentive, Personalized Foreclosure Services

For nearly 20 years, clients have turned to me to help them fight off or turn things around during foreclosure proceedings in Illinois. I know this is a scary time. Call my office in Chicago at Main Company number: 312-724-7366, Dedicated Fax number: 312-724-7657, Direct number: 312-724-8071, Cell Phone: 773-732-6433 or send me an email.